Stitch LibrarySurface Crochet

Surface Crochet

Learn how to decorate fabric with our photo tutorial for this simple decorative technique.

Quick TipsMending frayed crochet

Mending frayed crochet

Learn how to mend crochet when a strand or two becomes worn, frayed or has broken completely.

Basicsa long crochet foundation chain

Working with long foundation chains

Top tips for working with long foundation chains

entwineInterlocking crochet: reading a pattern

Interlocking crochet: reading a pattern

Learn to read interlocking crochet patterns and open up a world of colourful design

entwineInterlocking crochet: the stitches

Interlocking crochet: the stitches

Learn how to make a trif and a trib stitch used in interlocking crochet

entwineInterlocking crochet: getting started

Interlocking crochet: getting started

What is interlocking crochet? And how do you set up ready to work a pattern?