Work with us


We are always happy to help journalists and broadcasters with enquiries and provide quotes about crochet as a craft, slow fashion, inclusive making and feminist craft. Please contact clearly stating your deadline and we will attempt to help you.

Commission & Consultation


We are not currently working to commission or taking on clients for consultation


Kat is an award winning photographer available for photography assignments.

Please contact with a brief proposal for rates and availability


Technical Editing

Joanne is an experienced technical editor having worked for multiple magazines, yarn companies and independent designers. She is not currently taking on any clients for technical editing.


We are always open to interesting mutually beneficial collaborations with yarn companies, designers and shops. Please contact us with a brief proposal at in the first instance.

We get many offers of yarn support but tend not to accept them as we prefer to pay yarn companies, especially independent dyers, for their work.

PR approaches can be made to but please bear in mind that we do not typically do sponsored posts or create advertising content.


We are not currently hiring for any positions or seeking freelance help.


We run a small affiliate program for our course and membership site. If you have a strong craft following that you believe would be interested in what we do you could earn money by recommending it. Please get in touch on for more details.


We don't currently hire influencers to promote our products but if you have a blog or social media platform that you use to talk about crochet and would like a pattern, book or class gifted to you for honest review then please get in touch via