Who we are

kat and joanne

The aim of The Crochet Project is to design and write beautiful, modern crochet patterns

  • Beautiful, wearable designs – garments and accessories with special attention to beautiful details, great fit, and drape.

  • Fantastic yarns – We believe that knitters shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to the very best yarns on the market. All our designs feature beautiful yarns with natural fibres with a mind on affordability.

  • Quality, consistent patterns – Taking the best practices from crochet patterns and knitting patterns, they will be easy to understand and follow and with clear charts where appropriate. They will all be thoroughly checked so you can be confident in buying them.

  • Fairness - we aim to create a fair deal for our customers, designers and yarn sponsors.

  • Inclusion - we believe all bodies should be able to enjoy our designs. To that end we offer a wide range of sizes, add information on customisation and yarn substitution, include directions for left handed crocheters where needed and avoid gender assumptions in our patterns.

What we offer

We sell written patterns and books of patterns direct to the public and to wholesale customers such as yarn companies, yarn shops and independent dyers.

We sell a growing range of online classes to expand your crochet knowledge including the Hub which is a membership site offering you a way to grow your crochet skills in a supportive environment away from the demands of social media.

We also offer advertising-free written tutorials that support our patterns and your crochet learning in general. Without the ads you can get to the knowledge you need faster and know that our advice is unbiased.

Who Are We?

The Crochet Project was founded by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin, both designers with a passion for beautiful and wearable designs. 

Kat is an award winning blogger with a flair for presentation. She is the author of Crochet at Play and Hook Stitch and Give (published by Kyle Books.) Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Etsy's Look Books, Ideal Homes, Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet, Mollie Makes, and Juno magazine. Kat is behind the gorgeous aesthetic of The Crochet Project , in charge of all the photography, branding and layout.  Kat lives passionately by the motto that life is too short to match socks and will often be stepping over piles of laundry or leaning over a tower of dirty dishes to get the perfect shot. Her 3 children don’t recognise her without a Canon in front of her face and balls of yarn in her pockets.

Joanne Scrace specialises in seamless wearable crochet, often vintage inspired but always with a fresh modern feel. Her work has been featured in Inside Crochet, Knit Now, The Knitter, Simply Crochet and Love Crochet. Joanne keeps an eye on the technical aspects of The Crochet Project, ensuring quality and consistency in the patterns. She lives on the edge of the Fens near Cambridge with her three kids and two cats.

Our Beliefs

The Crochet Project is committed to creating a space where everyone feels valued, no matter their gender, race, age, financial status, religion, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that the enjoyment of making should be open to everyone.

Statements mean little unless they are followed up by actions. To that end, we are making a concerted effort to include a more varied representation of our customers both in our pattern images and in the work we share online. We also will be donating 5% of all of our net profits after £25,000 a year (a living wage) to charities that reflect our own aims of diversity, inclusion and creativity. We also regularly donate patterns and excess yarns to charities and community groups, please contact us if you’d like support in this way. We have started offering regular 50% off flash sales that reduce the financial bar to accessing our patterns. (Look out for these offers on instagram and facebook) and going forward we will be mindful of project price when recommending yarns.

As we are a very small business, we rely on ourselves and our friends and neighbours to model our designs for us . This can prove tricky when working to tight deadlines, but we work to show more inclusive representation in our images where timescales and practicalities allow. Our patterns are sized from extra small to 5x and where practical, we include suggestions for altering patterns to ensure they fit as many bodies as possible. 

Please note that as part of supporting inclusion, we will not tolerate any actions in our space that work against that or make members of our community feel unsafe or unwelcome.