Advertising, gifting and affiliate links

We aim to be transparent, trustworthy and ethical in all of our dealings. If we are recommending a product we truly believe in it and do not want advertising, gifting or affiliations to bias us. 


We do not currently run any advertising on this website or in our social media feeds. We do not accept payment for talking about a product or photographing it.

Gifted products and yarn support

We are occasionally gifted yarn or other craft related products.

Most commonly this is where we are gifted the yarn to complete a design (yarn support) Regardless of whether yarn is gifted or purchased by us we list the yarn we used in the pattern details. If we do not believe the yarn is a good fit for the pattern we will not use it.

We will often use the phrase "in collaboration with" where yarn support and mutual marketing arrangement was agreed with a yarn supplier.

If we are gifted any item other than yarn support and talk about it in a tutorial or social media post we will make it clear in the text that the item has been gifted.

We do not accept any yarn support that has conditions attached to it such as not suggesting alternatives. We do not accept any gifts that require us to talk about them so you can be certain that if we are talking about it we truly like it and would purchase it ourselves.

Affiliate Links

Sometimes when talking about a product in a tutorial or course we will use an affiliate link. We receive a small percentage of any purchase you make using that link. Where this is the case, we will make it clear in the text that we are using an affiliate link. We have a strict policy of only using affiliate links where we feel the product is the best available to you and would recommend it without an affiliate link.  We use affiliate program because they have worldwide delivery.