All of our print copies come with free PDF copies you can download via Ravelry.

It is not necessary to purchase your pattern from us using the same email as your Ravelry one, but your Ravelry email address is where the pattern will be delivered. 

After you have completed your purchase from us, click the "add your purchase(s) to Ravelry" button.

You will be taken to Ravelry, where you can choose to download the PDF directly, if you are not a Ravelry user.

Or add it to your Ravelry library. 


You will need to sign in to do that.

And then click "add to library"

we encourage you to add it to your library as you will also receive any updates to the pattern. 

You will also receive an email from Ravelry with the download link, if you are a Ravelry user.