Adding your purchase to your Ravelry library

 All of your pdf book and pattern purchases from this site can be added to your Ravelry library.

Unfortunately this facility isn't possible with books printed on demand but you will be able to download a PDF copy of the book when you order which can be stored locally or in the cloud.

It is free to have a Ravelry account and storing your patterns there mean you will always be able to be find them and you will automatically get the latest pattern updates.

Here's how!

After you have completed your purchase from us, click the "add your purchase(s) to Ravelry" button.

Please note: we are aware that some browsers/devices do not show the link as a button and it may not even look clickable. This is using a code snippet from an external source so we cannot correct this but have notified the developer. It will still work)

You will be taken to Ravelry.


Or add it to your Ravelry library. 


You will need to sign in to do that.

And then click "add to library"


You will also receive an email from Ravelry with the download link, if you are a Ravelry user.