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Tunisian Crochet: Knit Stitch

It's crochet we promise! Learn how to make the Tunisian Knit Stitch (tks) for a knit look with a crochet hook.

Tunisian Crochet: the basics

Get started with Tunisian crochet with this primer and step by step photo tutorial to learn make your first row and return pass.

Spike stitches

  Spike stitches are a decorative technique worked in crochet. Normally worked in double crochet rows using two or more colours in the piece, they are an easy way to introduce a colour work effect ...

Joanne's Elastic Rib Tutorial

I'm about to share with you my most exciting discovery of the year (or possibly my career!) In the past I've always used rows of half trebles in the back loop to make rib. It looks the part and it ...

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