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Tunisian Crochet: Simple Stitch

temperamental artist shawl made using tunisian simple stitch

Before you dive into this step by step tutorial on Tunisian Simple Stitch make sure you have learnt how to make a foundation row and work a return pass using this tutorial

Tunisian simple stitch, is as the name suggests, probably the easiest Tunisian crochet stitch to master. You'll see it in patterns abbreviated to TSS.

Tunisian Simple Stitch creates a lovely texture that looks more like weaving than any crochet or knitting stitch. 

temperamental artist shawl

The Temperamental Artist Shawl from The Shawl Project Book Three uses Tunisian Simple stitch to create the textured shells.

I particularly enjoy alternating colours for the forward and return pass to accentuate the woven effect.

So lets crack on and learn then?

How to work Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss)

All Tunisian crochet stitches are formed by working in various ways between the two vertical strands of the stitch. There is a strand towards the front of the work and one sat behind it. In this picture you can see the vertical strands at the front. 

Starting with a completed foundation row (tutorial here), hold the yarn at the back of the work. Ignoring the first stitch of the row your loop on the hook acts as the first stitch of the row.
Step one: Insert your hook from right to left, under the front vertical bar of the stitch of the row below.

Step Two: Yarn over and draw up a loop.

Step Three: Repeat steps one and two for each stitch to the last stitch.

Step Four: Insert hook into the chain one you made at the start of the return pass and draw up a loop.

Step Five: Work a return pass by yarning over, pulling through one loop on the hook to start then work the rest of the row by  making a yarn over and pull through two loops. (photo tutorial here) When you have just one loop remaining on the hook your row is complete.

If you've ever worked a linked stitch in crochet you may have a sense of deja vu. Linked stitches are almost exactly like working a short section of tunisian simple stitch with each row of simple stitch being equivalent to one linked stitch. 

 Want to learn more? Why not join us in class!? Our course, Tunisian Crochet: Basics and Beyond, is an exploration of Tunisian Crochet techniques that takes you from first stitches through to following charts and patterns to create some gorgeous samples that build into a colourful cowl.

If you are ready to give Tunisian Crochet a try here are our selection of patterns and books that contain at least one Tunisian Crochet pattern


This tutorial was originally written and photographed by Joanne for a series of articles published in Love Crochet magazine and is reproduced with permission.

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Love this!!!! I am actually learning Tunisian!!!! OMG!!!! Thank you!

Nicole E Patterson

Nicole E Patterson

Thank you for your wonderful tutorials, along with pictures ♥♥ I don’t know it seems as I get older being able to find a resource like yours is exactly what I need.

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