spikegrey and turquoise chevron pattern using crochet spike stitches

Spike stitches

  Spike stitches are a decorative technique worked in crochet. Normally worked in double crochet rows using two or more colours in the piece, they are an easy way to introduce a colour work effect ...

socksCrochet Socks: Traditional heel flap and heel turn

Crochet Socks: Traditional heel flap and heel turn

Is there anything so magical as turning a heel successfully? It strikes fear into the hearts of sock newbies but fast becomes a thing of joy once you've learnt how.

sockshand holds a hook and section of crochet ribbing

Joanne's Elastic Rib Tutorial

I'm about to share with you my most exciting discovery of the year (or possibly my career!) In the past I've always used rows of half trebles in the back loop to make rib. It looks the part and it ...

socksCrochet Socks: Before you start

Crochet Socks: Before you start

Thinking about giving crochet socks a go? Here are a few answers to common questions to help you out. We'll look at comfort, yarn and measuring to help you create crochet socks that you won't want ...

Stitch Libraryripple edge on crochet shawl called even cowgirls get the blues

How to work crochet ripple patterns

Whether you are looking for a riot of colour or working in neutrals ripples add interest to your crochet. Ripples can be used for every project from warm king-size blankets to elegant clutch bags a...

Basicscrochet chart showing a lace pattern

Reading a Crochet Chart

 At a glance, crochet charts tell you so much about the pattern - where your stitches go, which loops they are worked in, the relative height of the stitches and they even provide an almost schemat...