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This tutorial takes you through what swatching is, why its so important and exactly how you do it. Learn how to check your tension, or gauge, is correct is key to making things that fit.

Advice for crochet beginners

I learnt to crochet as an adult and still vividly remember the frustration of moving from being a proficient knitter to being a novice crocheter. Here's the advice I wish I'd been given before I pi...

Yarn choices for beginners

The yarn you choose to learn with can make or break your early experiences so it is important to choose something suitable. Paramount is having a yarn in which you can clearly see each stitch and t...

UK vs US crochet terms

One craft, two languages Unfortunately for English speaking crocheters there are two standards for writing patterns: Standard UK terminology and Standard US terminology. In this article we break do...

Reading a Crochet Chart

 At a glance, crochet charts tell you so much about the pattern - where your stitches go, which loops they are worked in, the relative height of the stitches and they even provide an almost schemat...

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