Advice for crochet beginners

hand holds a crochet hook with yarn attached ready to begin

I learnt to crochet as an adult and still vividly remember the frustration of moving from being a proficient knitter to being a novice crocheter. Here's the advice I wish I'd been given before I picked up a hook.

You'll improve with time

It may feel awkward at first your hand isn't used to making the shapes you are asking it to make and you've not wielded a hook before. This is especially true if you are a knitter as you will feel you should have some affinity with another yarn craft – this isn't true for everyone sadly.

Be patient, persevere. You will get there.

Everyone's first attempts look like a messy knot.

It can be tricky to see where you are going when you begin as with crochet you need to learn to read the stitches straight away to know where to place the hook. You'll get there.

Working into a chain is the hardest bit

Sadly, the bit we have to teach you first is the hardest bit you have to learn. Resist the urge to throw it across the room and keep going. It gets easier we promise.

There are no crochet police

As long as you are happy with your finished pieces then it is all good. No one is going to come and check whether you held the hook a certain way, no one is going to inspect that slightly wonky edge that existed before you hid it behind a pretty border.

This tutorial is an excerpt from our beginners course book, The Learn to Crochet Project

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