Moreknotted yarn tail to record hook sized used

How to know which crochet hook size you used

How many times have you returned to a project or swatch to pick it up again and not known what hook size you were using? The hook having long since been taken out of the bag to work on something el...

Stitch Libraryraised crochet stitches shown on contour shawl

How to work raised (post) crochet stitches

A very versatile crochet stitch to add to your repertoire, raised stitches are based on the standard crochet stitches, the only difference is where the stitch is worked. Raised stitches are worked ...

Moreselection of cream and white yarns on a wood background

Two ways to always win at yarn chicken

“Yarn Chicken - when you’re almost at the end of your yarn AND your row/repeat/project, and you’re not sure which will come first.” — Sarah Knight  

Basicslearn to crochet book, hook and skein of yarn sit on a chair

Five simple rules to help you read a crochet pattern

We hear it time and time again: "I love your patterns, I can crochet but I can't follow a crochet pattern." We get it, it looks like a foreign language to begin with - here's our handy guide.

DesigningManipulating Crochet Stitch Patterns - using washi tape

Manipulating Crochet Stitch Patterns - using washi tape

  Crochet charts and washi tape?! Who doesn't love a washi-tape tip?  

Basicsa range of crochet hooks and a yellow ball of yarn sit on a wooden background

Choosing the right crochet hook

Finding the right hook for you is a joy: your crocheting becomes smoother, faster and more even, the hook glides across the yarn and doesn't snag on every stitch, you can crochet for longer without...