Manipulating Stitch Patterns - using washi tape

In the two Shawl Project books we talk about how to design for different shapes of shawl and a little about how to work in different patterns.

I wanted to share with you today a quick tip that I use when I want to work out how to manipulate a charted stitch pattern to use it in a design where the pattern needs to grow or expand.

And it uses washi tape! Who doesn't love a washi-tape tip?

Find a pattern you like and mark out, with washi tape, the direction and kind of shape you want it to expand into. Once you've blocked out the stitches you don't need it should be fairly easy to work out how to add chains or expand stitches to get them to the point you need them for the next row. It really helps you visulaise what needs to happen even if it doesn't give you all the answers.

And the washi tape is easily removed so the book isn't ruined.

In associated tips: Try placing a mirror on the washi tape line if you need a pattern to turn a corner.

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