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The Shawl Project Book 3

The Shawl Project Book 3

At The Crochet Project we love a good shawl, and we know you do too so we are back with another collection. 

Heart on My Sleeve

After what we can all pretty much agree was a rubbish 2016, I started 2017 with a very clear and renewed sense of action, asking myself what can I do in my every day life to make the world just a tiny bit better. Many of those actions were about how I use my time and money in my personal life to make the world just a bit better, but when Emily from Tin Can Knits approached me to design a wee heart for the new book Heart on my Sleeve, it felt like a small way that I could contribute to a good cause using my work.

Finishing School

Finishing School

Perhaps the most loathed of crochet-related tasks is finishing: edging, sewing up, weaving in ends, blocking...they all get a  bad name.  I get it, when you finish that final stitch, you just want to be DONE.  But, trust me, using some basic finishing techniques will really make your project shine.