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Antracita Shawl is Here!

Antracita Shawl is Here!

We are counting down the hours to the weekend here and of course weekend plans include weekend makes! 

We always love meeting you and chatting to you at yarn festivals. One thing we hear time and time again is what you are looking for in a shawl pattern: easily memorable, enjoyable repetitive pattern that gives a bold effect and looks way more complicated than it is. Well we listen! Meet Antracita, designed by Joanne with all these features in mind. Its the perfect "just one more row pattern" that you won't be able to wait to wear. Plus it seemed only fitting to launch the pattern when some of you might have the luxury of a long weekend coming up.

The Shawl Project Book 3

The Shawl Project Book 3

At The Crochet Project we love a good shawl, and we know you do too so we are back with another collection. 

Heart on My Sleeve

After what we can all pretty much agree was a rubbish 2016, I started 2017 with a very clear and renewed sense of action, asking myself what can I do in my every day life to make the world just a tiny bit better. Many of those actions were about how I use my time and money in my personal life to make the world just a bit better, but when Emily from Tin Can Knits approached me to design a wee heart for the new book Heart on my Sleeve, it felt like a small way that I could contribute to a good cause using my work.