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Looking for a book that takes you from picking up a hook for the first time to reading patterns and charts to make your own handmade crochet wardrobe? You have just found it.

There’s a wonderful moment in every class where someone who has been struggling just suddenly gets it. The light bulb goes on and their frustration turns to a beaming smile of joy. You know then that you’ve introduced someone to a hobby for life, one that will sooth their mind and keep their family and friends warm. That’s once you get past the frustrations of having to constantly think and count!

This is the book for beginners that we always wanted to write. It’s the one we wish we could have learnt from. Between the two of us we’ve taught hundreds of people to crochet in classes up and down the UK (and abroad). The more you teach beginners the more you see the different areas that people struggle with and which simple tips can be shared to overcome them. We wanted this book to give you the same feeling of being in class, to give you the same level of information imparted in a friendly way, to distil all the teaching experience we’ve gained. We want this book to give you the best start possible.

As makers and designers we have always been more interested in things to wear than things for the home. And it is fair to say that we get very frustrated with some of the useless items that beginners get
given to make (mug cosies we are looking at you!) That’s why in this book we have focussed on wearable items. There is something very wonderful about being able to make something to wear right from the beginning. There’s no better feeling than being able to respond to a comment about your clothing by saying “Thanks, I made it!” 

So let’s get you crocheting! We have written the book as though it is a course so it is best to start at the beginning and work your way through the text and the projects in order.
It contains 4 projects over 80 pages:

Burwell Cowl: the first project in the book and is designed to help you practice your basic stitches.

Wicken Mitts: an introduction to working into row ends, following a pattern and making something to fit.

Bottisham Hat: introduces you to working in the round, making a traditional motif, working seamlessly and decreasing.

Quy Shawl: introduces you to reading charts, working lace patterns, picots, understanding special stitches, increasing in pattern.

The book is written in UK standard crochet terminology and has a full discussion of the differences between the UK and US standards and makes references to the US terms throughout.

This product is a PDF download. This book is also available in print here. You will get a free pdf download with the print copy.

Customer Reviews

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Virginia Willis
The perfect guide for the complete beginner

Having failed (dismally) to learn how to crochet for 50 years (I'm primarily a knitter and quilter) I bought this wee book when I retired as a last ditch attempt to master the skill. I was attracted to the fact that all the items to be made were wearable and not mug cosies, coasters, cushions or blankets. I started at the beginning and followed the clear, easy-to-understand instructions and made a cowl, mits, a hat and a shawl - items that I've been wearing for four years (as the weather dictates). I am now confident enough to follow any pattern whether written or as a chart, and have succeeded in finishing much more complicated items. If you are a complete beginner crocheter, I recommend this book.