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Shop our selection of shawls, scarves and cowls either in individual patterns or contained in a book.


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Skimming Stones Shawl
Skimming Stones Shawl Sale price$7.99
Spirographical Shawl
Spirographical Shawl Sale price$5.99
Spun Gold Shawl
Spun Gold Shawl Sale price$5.99
Stash of Shells Shawl
Stash of Shells Shawl Sale price$7.99
Stitchers' Rhapsody Shawl
Stop, Drop and Pop Shawl
Stop, Drop and Pop Shawl Sale price$5.99
The Accessories Project: Book One
The End of the Box Shawl
The End of the Box Shawl Sale price$5.99
The Learn to Crochet Project
The Shawl Project: Book Five
The Shawl Project: Book Four
The Shawl Project: Book One
The Shawl Project: Book Three
The Shawl Project: Book Two
Trailing Wake Shawl
Trailing Wake Shawl Sale price$5.99
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Transposition - Crochet Shawl
Transposition - Crochet Shawl Sale price$2.99 Regular price$5.99
Transposition Shawl
Transposition Shawl Sale price$5.99
Tunisian Sampler Cowl
Tunisian Sampler Cowl Sale price$5.99
Verbena Shawl
Verbena Shawl Sale price$5.99
Yealm Shawl
Yealm Shawl Sale price$5.99
Your Mileage May Vary Shawl