How to weave in ends

How to weave in ends

Once you finish your work, you need to tidy your ends. Weaving in ends secures them and stops them popping through in wear. Here's how to do it in three easy steps:

1. Thread your tail onto a tapestry needle working through the stitches, sew your tail through a few stitches.

2. It’s important to do this a few times in different directions to ensure the tail is secure and won’t unravel.

3. Snip the yarn close to where it emerges

How neatly you need to do this will depend on whether the project has an obvious wrong and right side. For instance, ends on a jumper you don't need to be too neat but for a scarf, which has both sides on show, you'd want to try and make it as invisible as possible.

How thoroughly you do this depends on how slippery your yarn in. The more slippery, the more passes you should make to stop it unravelling and you may also want to fasten a knot where yarns are changed.

If you have lots of yarn ends you can really speed up the process with a latch hook needle, not having to thread the needle with each end can be a big time saver, especially if your light, sight or fine motor control are less than perfect.


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This tutorial is an adapted extract from our book The Learn to Crochet Project which takes you step by step from picking up your hook for the first time to working lace charts in four beautiful wearable projects.


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