Crochet Notions

Crochet Notions

As well as yarn, hooks and patterns there are a few extra bits and pieces that make your crochet successful and a pleasure.


A small pair of scissors

For cutting yarn and trimming ends. You can also get thread cutters which have safety blades, especially handy for airport security or around small children and pets

Removable stitch markers

These stitch markers can be slipped through a stitch to mark it to help you keep track in a pattern. They are also useful for keeping the working loop safe when you put the project away if you need to take the hook out or to stop any unravelling problems.


A yarn needle

This will help you weave in ends and do any sewing up needed when you finish your project. A needle with a large eye and a fairly blunt tip is ideal, I've recently discovered latch hook needles which are a game changer as you don't need to thread them.

A measuring tape and/or ruler

For checking your tension against that listed in the pattern and to measure yourself to choose your size


A pen or pencil

For making notes on the pattern, keeping a tally or circling the size you need to make on the pattern.

A project bag

A simple cloth bag to keep your project safe in.

A hook and notions pouch

You'll end up with multiple hooks and various bits and pieces you find handy to keep with you when you crochet. A zipped pouch or pencil case is perfect for keeping them together.

T pins

These non rusting steel pins let you pin out your work after washing for a professional look everytime. We call this blocking.

We keep a small curated selection of crochet notions that are tried and trusted - shop the range here.

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