Mystery Crochet A-long FAQs

How do I make sure I get pattern updates?

You must be on our mailing list or be a ravelry user to get the updates.

To get email updates from us: Add the kit or pattern to your cart and click checkout. You will be asked for your email address, use the email address you would like the pattern to be sent to. You should receive a welcome email straight away so check your junk folder if you can't find it.

Make sure you don't unsubscribe from our newsletter until the MCAL is over otherwise you won't be sent the clues. Don't worry, if you aren't a confirmed regular newsletter subscriber you'll be removed from my list as soon as the MCAL is over.

And/or you can follow these directions to add the pattern to your Ravelry library.

I don't use Ravelry, can I still join in?

Yes you can. Just make sure that you tick the box at checkout to sign up to our mailing list as that will let us send you the pattern each week, directly.

How long does each clue take?

That depends on how fast you crochet. But the aim is to break the pattern down into very manageable chunks.

If you can't finish the pattern in any given week there is no need to "keep up." In every mystery crochet-a-long we have people finishing at different times. There are normally groups of people supporting each other at every stage.

What if I don't like the finished object?

This is always a risk with a mystery crochet a-long but I also think the upside is that you may make something you wouldn't have ordinarily chosen but really love when finished. I really think this is one of the nicest designs I've ever done, if you don't think it suits you then I'm sure you can think of someone to gift it to. 

Why are the kits sold on preorder/limited in number?

Selling to preorder allows us to only buy in the stock we need. This keeps the price low for you and with as little waste as possible, better for the environment. The kit numbers are limited to keep the shipping manageable for this small team.

*Do you guarantee kit delivery in time for the start of the crochet-a-long?

We don't guarantee arrival as it is at the whim of the international postal and customs system. We ship from the UK so if you are concerned about receiving international packages in time or having to pay duty on them then it is best to order the pattern alone and source materials locally.

Can I buy it as a printed pattern?

No, because the pattern is released in parts we can't send out a printed version. The emailed copy will be printable at home or at a copy shop, or you can view it on a device.

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