Stripes and spikes, mosiac crochet and stranded color-work. These are our most colourful patterns using two or more colours of yarn.


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Lake Of Menteith Shawl
Lake Of Menteith Shawl Sale price$7.99
The Shawl Project: Book Three
The Shawl Project: Book Two
The Shawl Project: Book Four
The Shawl Project: Book Five
Tipping the Scales Socks
Tipping the Scales Socks Sale price$7.99
Pick and Mix
Pick and Mix Sale price$15.99
Three From The Top
Three From The Top Sale price$15.99
Doris Shawl
Doris Shawl Sale price$5.99
Crochet Yeah!
Crochet Yeah! Sale price$15.99
Trailing Wake Shawl
Trailing Wake Shawl Sale price$5.99
Skimming Stones Shawl
Skimming Stones Shawl Sale price$7.99
Diamond Socks
Diamond Socks Sale price$7.99
Double Denim Shawl
Double Denim Shawl Sale price$5.99
Puddle Dive Shawl
Puddle Dive Shawl Sale price$5.99
Flag Iris Shawl
Flag Iris Shawl Sale price$5.99
Stash of Shells Shawl
Stash of Shells Shawl Sale price$7.99
Verbena Shawl
Verbena Shawl Sale price$5.99
Stitchers' Rhapsody Shawl
Bromsgrove Hat
Bromsgrove Hat Sale price$5.99
Tenbury Hat and Mittens
Tenbury Hat and Mittens Sale price$5.99
Malvern Cowl
Malvern Cowl Sale price$5.99
Teme Cardigan
Teme Cardigan Sale price$7.99