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Crocheting in the heat

Crocheting in the heat

Crochet relaxes you and relieves your stress, its not therapy but it really helps! But if it is really hot where you are, working on a sleeve with the rest of the large wool jumper sat in your lap is about the last thing you fancy!

Here are my top tips for getting your crochet fix on even the hottest days:

1/ Pick your time

Early morning and last thing at night will be cooler times to get a few rows done.

2/ Pick your spot

Obviously a robust fan is not the thing unless you want to chase yarn scraps around, perhaps a shady are or somewhere with a little draft (or aircon if you must) My hammock is my go-to shady spot for a cool, quiet contemplative crochet session.

3/ Pick your project

Now is not the time for big blankets or sweaters, choose smaller items like motifs, socks, shawlettes, hats or tees. Something you are motivated to finish is also a good bet - like our summer mystery crochet a-longs!

4/Pick your yarn

The coolest fibres to work in the summer are smooth and natural. There's something about warm hands that can make wool feel itchier though, so if you are finding that then try some plant based fibres such as cotton, linen or hemp. Bamboos, silks and tencels feel deliciously cool.
Avoid anything that is going to felt easily (like loosely spun wools) as sweaty hands and the action of making could felt it as you work.

All of these lessons are hard won and I never end up sticking to them. I'm normally making or modelling the very warmest of items to get ready for the autumn winter releases! This photo shoot was taken on the hottest day of the year and out of shot I am wearing flip flops and shorts!

If you fancy some summer crochet, here are our lightest patterns:

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