Crochet patterns to use up small amounts of yarn

Crochet patterns to use up small amounts of yarn

Sometimes you don't want to buy new yarn for a project you want to use what you already own. Luckily, if you know what patterns to shop for then you can find the perfect pattern to use what you already have.

Look for patterns that have these features when planning your stash busting.

Small projects

Mitts, headbands, baby clothes all use surprisingly small amounts of yarn. 


The classic. Most patterns, whether they are designed for stripes or not can be adjusted easily by just switching yarns every few rows. If you have different sections (like a back and a front) you might want to do a little planning to make it look intentional.

Remember, stripes doesn't have to be just rows of horizontal stitches, they could be spike stitches or raised stitches to break the colours up a little. Or choose ripple patterns that move the fabric around.

Fades and Ombres

Really these are just a special case of striping but can be an amazing way to use up yarn. Gather together all the yarns you have in a particular colour way and order them from dark to light  or through the different shades of them for example moving from red purples to blue purples. You can even  pick two colours and move from one to the other. This will work especially well if you always find yourself always buying the same colours - you know who you are!

Colourwork and intarsia

Whether you are stranding yarn or inserting sections into your work, these colourwork techniques can be great for using up part skeins. Just make sure you will have enough to finish the picture properly!

Motifs and Modular

The ultimate scrap buster, you don't even need enough to finish a whole row. Pick motifs that include stripes to use up your shortest odds and ends.

 Want to know more?

This tutorial is an extract from our online course Use it Up, a complete guide to working with yarn you already have.



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