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Blocking Masterclass

Learn how to block your work like a professional to turn your knit and crochet projects from "okay" to "oh wow!"

Blocking, sometimes known as dressing or finishing, should be the final step in every project. The process sets the yarn, neatening the stitches and creating the final shape.

In this video class you will learn:

  • the tools and equipment you need (and the things its nice to have)
  • why, how and when to block your work.
  • wet and steam blocking techniques
  • blocking techniques for different types of project including blankets, shawls, hats, socks, sweaters and cardigans.
  • how to use pins, wires, mannequins, bowls and balloons (yes really) 
  • quick garment care techniques.

The videos are available to watch at anytime, at your own pace and as many times as you like after the available from date. Videos are transcribed and important points are captioned. Each video is kept short so you can fit the classes in around even the busiest of schedules, this makes rewatching just the part you need much easier when you come to use the techniques.

After purchasing the class you will receive an email from the address noreply@notify.thinkific entitled "Welcome to learning with The Crochet Project"
with the login information you need.

A full class schedule is below

Course title



Introducing myself and the idea of blocking. Understanding why and when to block your work.


The tools you need and some you might like to have to complete professional quality blocking.

Intro to wet blocking

From start to finish through the process of wet blocking, exploring the benefits over other methods and how to use blocking pins.

Intro to steam blocking

From start to finish through the process of steam blocking, exploring the benefits using a steam iron.

Intro to spray blocking

Using a misting spray to block either to complement a wet or steam block or as a technique on its own.

Aggressive blocking

What it is, and how to do it.

Using blocking cards

An introduction to using blocking cards instead of, or to complement pins.

Using blocking wires

An introduction to using blocking wires to complement pinning.

Shaping hats

How to block a variety of hat shapes effectively using everyday objects.

Blocking motifs

A clever trick to get your motifs to the correct size before joining.

Blocking socks and gloves

Blocking items that stretch to fit.

Garment blocking flat

Blocking completed, seamed or seamless garments, when to block and how to dry flat and the use of blocking wires to shape a garment.

Garment blocking using a mannequin

Using a mannequin or tailors’ dummy to block garments such as sweaters and cardigans

Shawl blocking basics

Managing shawl size to get a block that achieves a wonderfully draping shawl.

Blocking a lace edge

How to perfect the blocking of a lace trim

Blocking a crescent shawl

The trickiest of shawl shapes to get right: how to block the hump from the centre and get a perfectly arching curve

Fibre types

How does the yarn you’ve used affect the blocking process?

Ongoing care of your projects

How to refresh your block and spot clean as well as knowing when to reblock your work


Email any questions that you would like further clarity on to info@thecrochetproject.com and I will create a video with answers to my favourites


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