We are swiftly approaching the launch of the first edition of The Crochet Project. Every day, the tweets and emails between Joanne and I get closer and closer to fever pitched and I think its fair to say we actually can not wait to launch. And this weekend we got one step closer to the launch - the photoshoot!!

Kerstin and I headed out to local folly The Pineapple to shoot the 10 piece collection.

I have collected such a rag tag assortment of props - old baskets, trugs, tea cups, tins...I am always on the look out for props for shoots and if anyone had glanced in the back of the car this weekend, they would have found:

- a rusty Raleigh bicycle

- a yellow bird cage

- 2 full tea services

- a silver tea pot

- 7 dozen tulips (I bought out the town of Alloa's entire stock of pink and purple tulips)

- 3 cameras

- 5 lenses

- shoot kit that contains - shawl pin, bobby pins, saftey pins, straight pins, washi tape, wardrobe tape, lint brush, lip gloss, hair brush and scissors.

- 9 balls of yarn in assorted colours

- 4 pairs of shoes

- 7-8 outfit options

- 10 samples

Kerstin was a sport, changing in the doorway of the Pineapple, while I played lookout for walkers.  It was very cold and it is a Spring collection, so she did spend a fair amount of time shivering!!

However, we managed to get some lovely shots for the collection!  Would you like a sneak peek??

I can't give away much more than that...other than to say this will be the free pattern in the collection...

Have I mentioned we can't wait to launch??!?

11 days and counting!!

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