Introducing Aquilegia



Aquilegia {aq·ui·le·gi·a}

This beautiful hat was designed by the talented Jacqui Harding (known as curvyjax around the web)

Jacqui says:

"Many crochet hats are brightly coloured, holey and tightly fitted. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to try something different. And I was so pleased with the result.

Aqueligia is the botanical name for the group of flowers known as Granny's Bonnets. The hat is soft, drapey, gathered at the crown & has interesting textures throughout. The fit is softer than a beanie, but with less volume than a tam.  It's also very easy to adjust the size/degree of slouchiness to suit you & the yarn you are using. The sample was made in Artesano alpaca dk which is soft & drapey & co-operative!

The construction is not one that I've seen anywhere before. It's crocheted from the bobbles up, then the brim is added after. The unusual bobbles & the linked stitches give it an intermediate rating, but actually nothing is difficult, just unfamiliar. It whizzes along once you get going."

It certainly does - Jacqui made herself a second hat in a cream colour and this is the first time she has ever made a new item from one of her designs rather than wait for the sample to come back.


Joanne can also be found sporting one too! As soon as she finished tech editing the pattern she knew she wanted to make one. Her's uses a beautiful variegated yarn (Manos Silk Blend) that works wonderfully with the linked stitch pattern. The colours blend really well so it is a handy pattern to have for those difficult variegated skeins that we all stash from time to time. As you can see Joanne made hers slouchier.

2013-03-18 14.11.48


Joanne says:

" I went for a super slouchy beanie as I wanted a boho look that will work well with a jacket in spring and snuggled up under a crochet blanket in the evenings on a campsite this summer."

Variegated or solid tones - what will your Aquilegia look like?

This is the first in a regular series introducing fully all the beautiful patterns in the series.


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