How to start the Acer Shawl

Our Acer shawl is a great project for relative beginners to have a go at. It has a simple lace repeat, can be worked in pretty much any yarn you have available and looks way more impressive than it is difficult to do! Plus it looks great whether you know what blocking is or not.

Its a paid pattern that is both written and charted and you can buy a pdf copy here or a print copy here.

Because a lot of beginners will be moving over from working solely from video tutorials we wanted to bridge the gap and create some videos to help you get going.

This video helps you work the very first row.

Next you'll need to know how to work the bobble shell...

And the small shell...

Then we take a quick look at how to work into the top of the bobble shell

and where the rest of the stitches need to go...

And hopefully after that you will be up and running and creating a gorgeous shawl of your own.

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