Edinburgh Yarn Festival

The web seems to be abuzz at the moment with people planning and plotting their trips up to Edinburgh Yarn Festival (EYF).

Your Mileage May Vary from The Shawl Project Book One, which launched at EYF 2015

Your Mileage May Vary from The Shawl Project Book One, which launched at EYF 2015

Last year EYF was our first ever show and we were nervously packing, wondering if we would sell anything and if anyone would like our new look and new designs. It was an amazing success - we sold out of our first book The Shawl Project: Book One that weekend. And it still sells well a year on, with hundreds of copies in the hands of eager crocheters around the world. We think very fondly of EYF 2016 as the start of an amazing year, the year that The Crochet Project became a viable, profitable business.

We really wanted to have a stand again this year but our family commitments meant that wasn't going to be possible, we just couldn't make it work. It turns out to be quite lucky really as Kat has broken her elbow and her wrist and would not be well enough to lug stock and spend two full days working on a stall. But we are really sad that we not to have a stall this year, and we certainly plan to be back next year (if they will have us!)

Kat is hoping to make it along for the day (subject to her arm being well enough) - if you see her give her a (very gentle) hug from me or a high five (right arm only)!

But even though we can't be there we are still representing and you can still buy our books thanks to our lovely friends.

Victoria of Eden Cottage Yarns is stocking limited quantities of The Shawl Project Book One and Book Two and will have some samples made up in her beautiful yarn (including some of the originals we have loaned her) find her at stand  B1. All the Book One designs take one 100g skein of 4 ply and all the Book Two designs take two, so it is the perfect show purchase - you know whatever yarns you pick up around the show can be paired with the perfect pattern when you get home!

And Rachel of Coop Knits will be selling our new book, Crochet Yeah! on her stand (A7) and has all the samples from the book for you to squish and stroke and of course the yarn to make them all. Rachel says that colours combos from the book have been selling well and I know she ran out of some colours at Unravel so do head over soonish!

Tenbury Mitts from Crochet Yeah!

Tenbury Mitts from Crochet Yeah!

So that we don't feel too left out, if you are there in person can you do us a favour please? If you are wearing something designed by us, you spot one of our designs in the wild, you see our samples on display, you are buying our book or flashing your stash then take a photo and share it with us on social media by tagging @thecrochetproj on instagram and twitter of The Crochet Project on facebook and #thecrochetproject #theshawlproject or #crochetyeah please. That way we will get to see it and live vicariously through you!

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